Transition to Crystal: Old Student v. New

By: Maddie E. (’21) , Meghna M. (’21) , Sabrina H. (’21)

Perspective of a former Crystal Middle School student:


When I stepped off of the shuttle in front of the mansion on the first day of school, I was immediately struck with a sense of familiarity… but also a slight sense of nervousness. This was the first time since the earliest moments of 6th grade that I’d been on the Crystal campus without knowing what was about to happen next. For the past three years, I’d gotten used to my classes, teachers, and friendships; now, my beloved routine was about to be  kicked to the curb. I’ll be honest, my mind was prepared for the worst. However, when I walked into the commons and saw a group of smiling faces, both old and new, I knew that everything was going to be okay. That first day ended up being filled not only with the traditions that I’ve come to love over the past three years, but also awkward moments, new introductions, and the beginning of what I can tell is going to be an amazing year. My new classmates are by far exceeding my expectations. My classes, like always, are rich in new information just waiting to be learned. Although I sometimes feel nostalgic towards my time in middle school, I’ve found that change isn’t always all that bad. Despite the fact that my interactions with my old classmates are not as frequent as they once were, the range of people I encounter during my day is now much more diverse. I can feel my social circle expanding as I meet more and more people, each as unique and impressive as the next. While the Middle School Hub where I once spent the majority of my time is in the process of being turned into a gallery, I’m beginning to explore the Crystal campus like I never have before, finding my own spaces to study, chat, and eat my bagels. I’m coming to realize in many different ways that high school is not as scary as I had thought it would be. I can’t wait for many more first days with the Crystal Class of 2021!


Perspective of a student new to Crystal:

(Maddie and Sabrina)

Crystal Springs Uplands School. Still getting used to it being my school… The community, the atmosphere, the people. Everything is different. Throughout the past three years of middle school, I got so close to all my friends, and I can’t believe I am leaving them behind.

First day: I have absolutely no idea what Crystal will be like. I loved my middle school, the old routine, the old friends, campus, teachers. Now it is all going to change. I don’t know anyone here, none of it is familiar, and I begin to miss my old school. What if I hate it here? What if the people aren’t nice and the classes are boring?

I braced myself for the worst, but immediately I am greeted by a bunch of bright-eyed potential friends. New faces that I haven’t seen before. I don’t know anyone’s name, yet I am greeted by a thousand hellos.

By the end of my first class, I am certain that the next four years are going to be great. The first day is filled with fun classes, people, teachers, and activities that immediately make me feel comfortable here. Throughout my few weeks here, Crystal has already begun to feel like my home. I’m so glad to be a Gryphon!

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