Writer Blurbs

Abigail Akers (’23):

I’m Abigail, and I’m a freshman. Although I’ve been both a writer and editor at school and unaffiliated newspapers, this is my first year working on the Gazette. I sing professionally, play multiple instruments, and spend far too much time writing books and poems I’ll never finish. 

Alex Rojas (’23):

My name’s Alex, and I’m a freshman. Being a freshman, this is obviously my first year with the Gazette. Some things that I am interested in include European football, basketball, debate, tech, and politics. Some hobbies that I have are playing FIFA, playing basketball, and playing card games with my friends. Something that you might be likely to find me doing at school is reading articles on my two favorite football clubs, Paris Saint Germain and Tottenham Hotspur. 

Andrew Sullivan (’20):

The name’s Andrew (senior), second year with the Gazette and I’m a big sports enthusiast.  Don’t cross me.

Arnav Vyas (’23):

I’m Arnav and I’m a freshman. Outside of school, I play the saxophone and I love to play basketball. In my free time you may see me watching stand up comedy, following local sports teams, and playing fantasy football.

Aryav Desai (’23):

I’m Aryav, and I’m a freshman. My whole life, I’ve had a huge passion for movies and have a blog where I write about and review them. I spend a lot of time reading about, watching, and writing about all kinds of movies. My other interests include playing the guitar, listening to music, and debate.

Avi Mushran (’20): My name is Avi, and I am a senior at Crystal. I play two instruments, classical guitar and trombone, as well as two sports, squash (yes it’s a sport) and baseball. When I am not busy playing non-mainstream sports and instruments, you can find me watching football, listening to music, or watching TV.

Caitlin Riley (’20):

Hi, I’m Caitlin. I’m a senior and one of the editors of Gryphon Gazette this year.  I love reading, hanging out with my family, friends, and dogs, and I have an obsession with 30 minute sitcoms (Brooklyn 99, Modern Family, Blackish, The Middle, etc). You’ll find me procrastinating by creating too many playlists on Spotify or emotionally re-watching old concert videos.

Charlotte Dachs (’22): 

Hi, I’m Charlotte! I’m a current sophomore and I love reading, writing, sports and playing with my dog. I really like traveling and am super eager to travel more (mostly so I can try different foods). When I’m not doing homework or writing, you’ll find me crushing my younger brothers at fantasy football and lacrosse. 

Jasmyn Mirsepahi (’23):

My name is Jasmyn and I’m a freshman. I have an unhealthy obsession with the band One Direction. I like running and playing tennis, and I’m really close with my little brother. I am a chocoholic and dark chocolate with forever be superior to milk. In my free time I listen to music, read, and play with my brother.

Joe Moore (’21): My name is Joe Moore, and I’m a junior in my sixth year at Crystal, but this is my first year with the Gazette. I am on both the Varsity Baseball and Varsity Football team here at Crystal. In my free time, I enjoy following sports, my favorite teams being the 49ers and the Cal Bears. I am also the commissioner of an esteemed fantasy football league.

Jon Ross (’20): I am Jon Ross. I am a “Senior”… haha.  I enjoy fun and games and funny trivial things.  Reading my articles should be enjoyable rather than strictly informative or educational or intellectual.  This is my –– second –– year with the Gryphon Gazette… !  I want to write special stories or articles about funny or interesting things… Most time I have spent awake continuously is approximately 100 hours… I am Sub-Senior Analyst of Primary Activities (SSAPA) report to me with any issues related to my jurisdiction.

Kirk Love (’20):

Oh, hi there! I’m a senior and this is my seventh year at Crystal. My second favorite country is Perú and I almost died in Cusco (something I might write about). Two truths and a lie: I can do a backflip, I’ve never broken a bone and I love Peru (email me with your guess). Please donate to Head in the Game (hitg.org) and sign up with a friend for our FIFA tournament this fall!

Luke Iannuccilli (’23): Hi, I’m Luke and I’m a freshman. I play football and basketball. I love Brooklyn-99, How I Met Your Mother, Madden 20, my dog Bailey, and 2K20. From Chicago but I am a die-hard Celtics and Patriots fan. 

Marlena Broeker (’20): Hi, I’m Marlena. I’m a senior and one of the editors of Gryphon Gazette this year. On the weekend, you’ll probably find me eating ramen, watching Downton Abbey, or playing with my labradoodle, Clove. If  I could move to any other place in the world for three years, I would move to some random German village.

Peter Dicioccio (’20): My name is Peter Dicioccio. I’m a senior and a freelance correspondent for the Gryphon Gazette. Before joining the Gazette team, I co-wrote, produced, directed, and was featured in the paranormal investigation series Haunt Hunters. I play Varsity football, basketball, and baseball and I am a member of the Crystal Springs Quiz Bowl team as well. I’m a huge fan of music, college football, and rainy weather. My favorite Minecraft block is polished diorite. I report the facts and only the facts. 

Raquel Weinstein (’21): I’m Raquel. I arrived at Crystal freshman year and am now a junior. In my free time, I love to watch The Office or listen to pop music. I start off every morning with a cup of coffee and my favorite foods include chocolate and summer fruits. I also enjoy staying active and playing soccer with my friends. 

Syna Mehra (’22): Hi, I’m Syna. I am a current sophomore and I love reading, creative writing, acting, dancing, and playing with my puppy. I have lived in three different countries, and I love to travel around the world. At school, you can find me doing my homework, hanging out with my friends, or in the theater after school for rehearsal. This is my first year in Gryphon Gazette and I’m super excited to write about topics that I am passionate about!  

Taylor Hsieh (’21): Hi, I’m Taylor and I’m a junior! Over my two years of writing for Gryphon Gazette, I’ve honed in on my love for writing social commentaries (especially women’s issues) and am honored to be a VP with Raquel Weinstein! My guilty pleasures are Dance Moms, Zendaya, and chocolate. Outside of English class and student gov, I enjoy creative writing, acting, and running. Talk to me about any book! 

Tina Chen (’23): Hey, I’m Tina, one of the freshmen at the Gazette which means I am a complete newbie at everything that’s going on at the Gazette (don’t worry, I hope I’ll catch on soon.). At school, you might see me on my massive 15-inch laptop browsing through Reddit for those internet points or hopping on Google to learn more about random, arbitrary events/facts that I will never use which I will probably write articles on in the future. Some of my favorite lesser-known events and people are the Galapagos Goat War and Tarare, the man that could eat literally anything. 

Wilson Conn (’20): My name is Wilson; I’m a senior, and one of the editors of Gryphon Gazette this year. Aside from writing, I enjoy playing basketball, doing community service, and following my favorite sports teams. I’m a huge Seahawks fan and I also support the University of Washington and the Oklahoma City Thunder. I also love the TV show Silicon Valley and the Indiana Jones franchise, and building Lego Architecture. At school, you can catch me playing Minecraft in the senior lounge or getting shots up in the gym. 

Zach Schoberl (’20): I’m Zach and I am a senior. This is my fourth year at Crystal.