Is The Clock Ticking For Tiktok?

Sheridan S. ‘26

TikTok might be the most popular app in the country, but is the same true for Crystal? 

Officials in the United States, Canada, and Europe have been working to limit public access to TikTok, a social media app owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. According to the New York Times, lawmakers are concerned about the security threats the app might pose, such as gathering and selling private user data. However, Tiktok has denied all allegations about intelligence-gathering and spreading misinformation on its platform. TikTok has already been banned in India and has been banned at many U.S. colleges and on government-issued devices. The government’s ideal resolution is to either ban the app outright or have an American company buy it.  

According to TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew, 150 million Americans use the app every month. Crystal students are no exception to that statistic. However, there have been mixed feelings about the app and its imminent banning. 

At Crystal, one sophomore stated that TikTok is harmful because kids spend too much time on it and lose their attention spans, making it difficult to focus on other things. A junior added that there are many negative effects to “doom scrolling” for long periods of time. When asked about personal TikTok habits, a freshman reported that they use time limits to manage their time on the addictive app. However, they do feel that there can be some good aspects of TikTok, such as learning new skills and keeping up with current events. 

Nevertheless, it is not just students who are experiencing trouble managing their time with the app. Another freshman added that one of their parents is spending “every free second” scrolling through TikTok. 

Crystal PAC members also have varying opinions on TikTok and its banning. Ms. Seo, a Middle and Upper School Computer Science Teacher, gave an interesting insight into her views on the subject. Ms. Seo stated that TikTok is “taking advantage of undeveloped brains and physiology development,” explaining that the content of the app can influence children and teens negatively. She further explained that the algorithm is scarily effective and can rapidly spread misinformation. However, she acknowledged that the platform does have some benefits. She mentioned that TikTok “builds community,” especially during the pandemic to fill the gap of the “physiological effects of social isolation.” According to her, the algorithm can also introduce new things to people, which she has personally experienced with the app. 

Although TikTok has countless drawbacks and numerous benefits, it is ultimately up to the government and Congress to decide the future of the app in the United States. 


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