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Lip Sync Extravaganza: A Recap

By: Claire Z. ‘26, Sheridan S. ‘26, and Lauryn F. ‘26

Photo by Simone Summers

Crystal has had yet another electric year of lip sync. Ranging from themes of Britney Spears to the Super Bowl Halftime Show, we’ve seen it all. Every grade displayed hard work and dedication and many individuals showed off their dancing skills and tumbling talents. 

6th Grade

The sixth graders pulled off an impressive performance this year at this year’s lip sync. Dancing to the theme of ‘Dance Battle’, they pulled off an organized and fun routine that won them the first place spot in Middle School. True to their topic, they battled hard and danced even harder, and their enthusiasm showed. Whether it was performing on stage together for the first time, or sitting in the very front row of the audience, cheering everyone on, their excitement was infectious and we can’t wait to see what they come up with for the next 6 years. 

7th Grade 

Even though the seventh-grade class placed last in their lip sync battle, the performance shown was incredible. With a grade theme of beach summer, they pulled off a flawless surfboard stunt and many high-energy, synchronized group dances. Even though they placed last in the middle school category, their performance was very well organized and the theme was well shown throughout their dances. 

8th Grade

The eighth grade brought a sensational Britney Spears theme to the lip sync, featuring classics such as “Gimme More,” “Baby One More Time,” and “Toxic”. Placing second for the middle school, their performance presented an exciting mix of blonde wigs. The Britney impersonators were especially captivating in their performance and the backup dancers were just as fantastic. The dances featured many tricks like cartwheels and impressive lifts. We are so excited to see them come up to the Upper School for next year’s lip sync! 

9th Grade

Although the 9th Grade placed last in the high school lip sync competition, the ninth graders gave their best effort with songs like Colors, Waka Waka, and Wavin Flag, to demonstrate the theme of the World Cup. The freshmen were enthusiastic and excited about performing together on a stage. The dances were well choreographed and neat, and the soccer tricks really tied the whole performance together. 

10th Grade 

The Tenth-grade reigning champions failed to continue their streak, despite an incredible performance. Their theme, which fit a recent event, was the Super Bowl halftime show. The high-energy performance was full of many well-known artists such as Shakira, Beyoncé, and the most recent half-time show artist, Rihanna. It was a routine filled with many high-level stunts and the lip-syncing was well on point. The creative dances and featured performers kept the audience well-engaged and entertained. Despite placing second, their performance was one to remember and the coming years will be exciting for this class. 

11th Grade

The juniors put on an amazing show for us with the theme of “Road Trip,” featuring amazing songs such as “Empire State of World,” “California Girls,” and “Party in the USA”. Placed in third place, their performance was fully decked out with lifts, signs, and even a go-cart! The dances showcased everyone, from an enchanting partner dance to an eccentric breakdancing routine. They took us on a lively journey around the country, from Alabama to New York to our home state, California. We can’t wait to see their senior lip sync next year!

12th Grade

The seniors performed their final lip sync this year to the theme of paradise, fitting their senior theme. This performance demonstrated the senioritis felt by the 12th-grade students who are ready to leave the gates of Crystal to find new adventures for the rest of their lives. It was a very organized yet creative and nostalgic performance that incorporated components of all past summer memories to make room for the future. Pulling off a well-deserved win, complete with one last confetti cannon, the seniors never fail to impress, especially this one final time.


Our beloved Crystal PAC brought forth a trendy performance consisting of many interesting concepts, such as “first day of school,” and characters, such as Wednesday Addams and family! Even though they weren’t placed throughout the school, their non-stop energy and commitment never fail to entertain us. The group dances were clean and well-organized, and the creativity really showed through! Crystal PAC never fails to impress as they finished off Crystal’s lip sync performances with an outstanding showing. 

Although there were only two champions, everyone at Crystal is a winner in our hearts! Lip Sync 2022-2023 was one for the books, and we cannot wait for next year’s performances!

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