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Mental Health at CSUS Assembly- What to Expect

This Tuesday(5/7), Crystal’s student-led Mental Health Network will be putting on a mental health panel during Crystal’s regular Tuesday assembly slot.

Featuring five students with a variety of different experiences, the panel will explore topics such as stress culture, social media, Crystal’s impact on student mental health, talking to parents about mental health issues, and supporting friends with mental illnesses.

The panel will consist of India ‘19, Sarina ‘19, Maya ‘21, Joshua ‘22, and Reza  ‘22, who will be answering questions from the moderator. The panelists will also be delving into their personal experiences, as they represent a range of mental illnesses and struggles.

Crystal’s Mental Health Network(MHN) team, led by sophomore Novak Chernesky, has been working hard with the panelists to brainstorm questions, assess what the student body is interested in hearing, and prepare panelists for the date. Novak explained, “Overall, it’s meant to be a panel that applies specifically to Crystal students, with the intent of making it feel important and real to everyone in the audience.”

Novak hopes to convey to the Crystal community that while mental health isn’t always something that needs to be heavy and deeply emotional, it can be a really intense struggle for many individuals. “People often joke about things to keep the tone light, and while most of the time that’s okay, it’s important to understand the weight of your peers’ experiences with mental health issues in order to understand why and when this conversation needs to be a serious one,” Novak told us.

When asked why this event was important to put on for the Crystal community, Novak explained, “I think this panel, and generally these types of events, are important because often mental illness can seem like something distant and far off, especially when it’s being ‘taught’ in a classroom setting by a teacher. It doesn’t necessarily feel applicable or important, and it can be easy to laugh it off or take it lightly.” Novak hopes that hearing from Crystal kids- people we see everyday and know- will remind everyone that mental health issues are real, difficult, and don’t discriminate; rather, they affect our communities and inner-circles.

“The strength of the panelists is really cool to see,” Novak said. “And I hope it will be eye-opening or relatable to a lot of students.”

Make sure to come ready to listen and learn this Tuesday!

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