Interview with Kirk L.

By: Zach S. (’20)

This is a brief interview of the co-president of Head In The Game. The organization holds sporting events to raise money and awareness for concussions and concussion research. Keep reading for a quick look into the world of Head In The Game from the perspective of sophomore Kirk Love!

 Could you tell me more about head in the game and then more specifically your role?

Kirk: Yea, so head in the game is a non profit 501C3 that holds various events for concussion research and all of the money goes to various organizations that support concussion research such as the Steve Moore foundation and the Stanford Brain Center for Neurosurgery. I’m currently co-leader of HITG with Justin (Junior) and Ethan (Senior)

Sophomore Kirk L.


 What made you want to be a Part of Head In The Game?

Kirk:  Well I got a concussion a little while ago and so I can really relate to concussion victims. I’ve also seen some of my really good friends have severe concussions where they’ve had to just stay in their home with all of the lights off and they’ve been gone for a couple of months. Its pretty hard to see that, and I don’t want anyone else to go through that same pain, so I thought I would take the initiative and help Crystal’s Head In The Game.

 I understand that you have three events a year, but are planning on expanding and having more when can we expect this?

Kirk: I couldn’t give you a specific date although I can say that we have some things in the works sometime this year or next year.

How much of the money goes to concussion research?

Kirk: All of it.

Do you believe that you’re making a bigger impact in the world of concussion research or are you donating money while creating awareness?

Kirk: I think we, we just want to raise awareness towards concussions and we want to inform people about how to stay safe, and what to do when you have a concussion. Different outlets of what you can do once you have a concussion. Because I know it’s super hard most people don’t have the answers. I know crystal has an amazing support team and i think that it’s really cool that we’re raising awareness and donating to the cause.

Outside of Crystal Springs is there bigger Head In The Game community?

Kirk: Yeah so this year were trying to focus more on the ambassador program where we try and involve local schools. Like putting up flyers around to make the events even bigger and involve more of the community.

Alright thanks!

Kirk: Yeah, see you later!  Make sure to support Head in the Game!

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