Student Life

Junior-Senior Kidnap

By: Eliana F. (’18)

Arriving at school on Monday the 24th of October, we juniors held a well-kept secret. When we entered the cafeteria, it felt as though an immense weight had been lifted off of our shoulders, and not only because we had left our burdensome backpacks at home. The day had finally come to kidnap the seniors!

Not a single hint had been dropped that kidnap would be that day. Not an email, nobody had told a soul. The seniors’ looks of ‘pure disbelief and shock’ as we entered their classes costumes in hand, were the highlight of my day.

Okay, well we may not have exactly surprised the seniors with the date of this time-honored Crystal tradition, but when asked about the experience, they described it as “great” and “significantly better than school,” so I’d consider it a success. For those of you unaware, kidnap is a day where the juniors each get assigned a senior whom they ‘kidnap’ and dress in a costume of their choosing. The juniors and seniors are then driven to a mystery location where the seniors are forced to remain in their ridiculous costumes for the rest of the afternoon.

This year our theme was childhood throwback, inspiring costumes from Disney princesses to Oompa Loompas to The Incredibles. After taking pictures and having a sing-off in the theatre, we boarded buses to Union Square in San Francisco. Once we arrived, we had a few hours of free time for groups to split off on their own and have fun. Some amused themselves with Kidnap Bingo, including dares such as arguing with strangers over the current year, serenading pedestrians, and trying on children’s clothes in a store. Other groups spent their time shopping, making fun of fashion, or conversing with Apple employees and construction workers. Some of us my group included, prioritized food and made a beeline to  Chipotle, Boudin, Cheesecake Factory, or Ghirardelli.

A few hours later,  we reconvened in Union Square before heading out with our groups for lunch. Despite being tempted by sushi burritos and pizza, my group chose to sit at a table for eleven at The Cheesecake Factory. We started off by playing a few rounds of the classic game ‘Paranoia’, which may have turned a few friends against each other, before indulging in delicious food.

Regardless of how each group of upperclassmen spent their time, the consensus is that kidnap was “fun” and “exciting,” if not a bit “cold.” Hey, as long as we get food and can spend time with  friends, I’m happy. I can’t wait to see what the sophomores plan for kidnap next year!

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